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The Drive  – Sept 13 – Sept 16 2021

 The greatest “Road Trips” in North America. This is what the Rally North America’s delivers. You are connected to your vehicle and immersed in some of the most scenic and technically challenging roads America has to offer.

Rally North America believes the destination is only a part of any journey and is no more important than any other part. The route chosen can be more rewarding, educational, and satisfying for those that take the time to choose their route wisely.

Drives routes are chosen because they deliver history, scenic beauty, and a driving experience that will prove to be second to none. These drives combined with track time on some of the nations more challenging racing facilities and a few passes at a drag strip combine to make a Rally North America event a trip that any auto enthusiast will talk about for years to come.

Registration Info

Price includes: 4 Nights and 3 Days with paid overnights at some of the nicest properties in the Appalachian Mountains as well as dinner each evening and a hot breakfast in the morning.

Also includes track time at unique tracks to include Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, a Dragstrip and Laps on NCM

$2290.00 for Two person team and 1 car

Pre Drives Track Event

Pre-drive meeting location is at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

7721 Steam Corners Road
Lexington Ohio 44904

Track Orientation: 5:00

Rally North America Drive Series participants will take to the track for two series of hot laps, after a series of instructional pace laps. Each session is expected to last 30 minutes. 

Mid-Ohio opened in 1962 as a location for weekend sports car racing. The track originally had 16 turns, with a left turn in what is today known as “thunder valley,” but the turn was straightened after just one year of operation due to complaints of the track being too slow.

Fast forward to current times and almost every world known racing series has held an event at Mid -Ohio. NASCAR, IndyCar, ARCA, Le Mans Series, IROC, IMSA, have all held races on this track. Lap Records are held by drivers such as Will Power, Juan Pablo Montoya, and both Kevin and Jan Magnussen.

Pre Drives Evening

Pre-drive meeting location is Mt. Vernon Grand Hotel

Walk back in time with us at The Grand. The Mount Vernon Gran Hotel was designed with a Victorian style that introduces modern amenities, maintaining its relationship to the town square and Main Street, while delivering a luxurious experience to hotel guests. The breakfast room and balcony face the historic square, as do the upgraded corner suites on all floors. A formal parlor, adorned with a fireplace and crystal chandelier, provides hotel guests a place to relax or read while being swept to another time. A dramatic spiral staircase connects a lower floor entry on Main Street and the 2nd floor lobby entry on the square via a two-story dining and entry space. 

Dinner for the evening will be at The Stein Brewing Company which is located 350 feet from our hotel on Main street. The menu features many local items such as local Lannings Beef and Produce, Twin Oak Farms local beef, Velvet Ice Cream and more Ohio sourced items as well as 8 to 12 craft beers on tap.

Day 1

0700 – 0815 – The day begins with a delicious hot breakfast at the Mount Vernon Grand hotel at 7:00 AM

Group 1 will depart from the hotel at 8:30 AM and group 2 will depart at 8:45 AM.

Stop 1 – Licking County Historic Jail

The Licking County Historic jail first opened for use in November 1889 with 32 jail cells. The jail building was last used for incarcerations in 1987.

July 8, 1910 was a dark day in Newark, Ohio history. Carl Etherington, a detective with the Anti-Saloon League of Ohio, had come to Newark to raid saloons and speakeasies for illegal alcohol. Etherington shot local saloon owner William Howard in self-defense, and was taken to the jail. In retaliation for the agents’ activities, a mob formed. The crowd stormed the north side door of the jail, forcibly removed Etherington, and hanged him from a telephone pole on the southeast corner of the courthouse square. Fifty-eight of the mob participants were indicted: 25 for first degree murder, 10 for assault and battery, 21 for rioting, and 2 for perjury

Because of this, and other historic events that have occurred within the walls of the jail, it has become one of the most important and well-known historic jails in Ohio. There has been much interest in the possibility that this is a haunted jail, occupied by the spirits of those who were once confined within these walls. The Licking County jail was featured on the Travel Channel series, Ghost Adventures on Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stop 2 – The World’s Biggest Basket

Custom-built in 1997 for Longaberger Co., as their headquarters & office building. Longaberger basket sales peaked in 2000. At that time the company employed over 8,200 people and had reached 1 billion dollars in sales and was listed on the New York Stock exchange. By the end of 2017 this office building was sold for 1.2 million dollars which paid $830,798 in delinquent taxes owed to Licking County since November 2014. October 26, 2018 Court grants motion to convert the company’s bankruptcy to Chapter 7, which means liquidation of its assets to pay off creditors which numbered over 200 at the time. The conversion to Chapter 7 eliminated any slim possibility the company could return to business.

Stop 3 – Sand Hollow Winery

Sand Hollow Winery started on May 11, 2012. Jim Young, vintner and owner has traveled to all fifty states and all seven continents. His travels and other assorted life experiences (To many to get into here.) have come together for some of the best lies and hand-crafted, small batch wines made from the finest available juices in the world.

In the unlikely event you don’t like one of his wines, Jim encourages you to taste again you obviously made a mistake! This is one of Ohio’s highest rated wineries they are opening today to accommodate our group. 

Weasel Boy Brewing Company (Lunch stop)

Each Pizza is made from locally sourced ingredients and made from scratch with thin style crust. The crust features whole wheat flour and is infused with their very own Brown Stoat Stout. It’s topped with their rich, house-made sauce and special cheese blend. Our own Scott Spielman states “It’s the best F–king pizza ever!” Quite an endorsement. 

The beer selection insures that you’re sure to find a beer that suits your taste. Choose something light and refreshing like our Ornery Otter Blonde Ale or go big and bold with a Brown Stoat Stout. Enjoy rotating seasonal favorites like Bitter Sable Imperial Black IPA and Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout.

Ohio State Route 555 (The Triple Nickel)

Considered by many to be one of the more challenging roads in Ohio, it is rated a 4.5 out of out of 5 on It also leads the state of Ohio in Motorcycle fatalities year after year. All 62 miles of this stretch passes through primarily rural portions of Washington, Morgan, Perry and Muskingum counties, connecting unincorporated villages along the way.

We do not anyone to feel pressured to keep up with the group. PLEASE go at your own pace along this road. Keep it fun not frightening.

There are two places along the route where we will regroup and one at the end.

1. St John’s Lutheran Church, 6575 Center Rd, Roseville, OH 43777
2. Chesterhill Village Hall, 7380 Marion St, Chesterhill, OH 43728
3. BP filling station, 66 Arrowhead Rd, Little Hocking, OH 45742

Historic Henderson Hall

The 29-room perfectly preserved Victorian-era Italianate style River Road Henderson mansion which stands on a terrace overlooking the Ohio River was completed in 1859 using brick, stone and timber from the Henderson property.

The house, grounds and Henderson family cemetery is designated the Henderson Hall Historic District and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Scottish-born Alexander Henderson Sr. arrived in Virginia in the 1700s serving in the House of Burgesses and as a member of the committee appointed to decide boundary lines that still exist today between Maryland and Virginia. Henderson counted such historic icons as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Mason and George Washington among his acquaintances. It was on advice of his friend George Washington, that Henderson bought 25,000 acres in western Virginia.

We have arranged for a Private tour of the home. All of the belongings in the home are not only period correct but the original belongings of the Henderson family.

Blennerhasset Hotel 

The Blennerhassett Hotel was designed and built by Colonel William Nelson Chancellor, then mayor of Parkersburg and businessman, for the millionaires of the day. The hotel was a grand showplace that radiated the captivating atmosphere of the gaslight era. The architectural style of the hotel’s exterior is Victorian, Queen Anne, and includes the Romanesque Revival style, which can be seen in the tower and turret section of the hotel on the corner of the Fourth and Market Streets. The Kaltenecker Building, which houses our current day dining room, was built by a Parkersburg businessman by the name of Johan Kaltenecker during construction as a separate building but that would match the exterior of the hotel. It was during the second renovation when this building was incorporated into the main building during the 1985-1986 renovation. The Kaltenecker name can be seen on a portion of sandstone located on the front of the building.

Dinner Menu: TBD

Day 2

The day begins with a hot breakfast at the The Blennerhasset Hotel at 7:00 AM

Group 1 will depart from the Hotel at 8:30 AM and group 2 will depart at 8:45 AM

Stop 1: The Silver Bridge Memorial

The Original Silver Bridge spanned the Ohio River between Point Pleasant, WV. and Kanauga, Ohio. It was completed in 1928 and stood until its collapse on December 15, 1967. Forty-six lives were lost due to the failure of an eye bar near the Ohio side of the river. As there was no redundancy in the bridge’s design, the failure of one component toppled the entire bridge.

The tragedy led to significant changes in regulations pertaining to bridge design and inspection schedules. A replacement bridge, the Silver Memorial Bridge, was dedicated in December 1969. The original bridge is associated with the Mothman myth, as the creature was allegedly sighted several times before the disaster. This leads us to stop 2.


The largest collection of props and memorabilia from the movie “The Mothman Prophecies”–in the town where the Mothman sightings and encounters actually occurred.  Read rare historical documents from the Mothman eyewitnesses themselves, documenting what they experienced that fateful night on November 15, 1966.  See rare historical press clippings and photographs of the Silver Bridge disaster.  Learn more about the historical figureheads of the Mothman legacy like John Keel, Mary Hyre, & the Scarberry & Mallete eyewitnesses. There is plenty here to be discovered.  Research and uncover the truth for yourself.  

Stop 3: Lunch – Dee’s Drive Inn

A place that redefines fast food. Throughout its 53 years in business, Dee’s Drive-In has made all of its food from scratch. It truly is home-style cooking. Dee’s is widely known for its hot dog sauce and soup beans. Every morning, in the kitchen below the restaurant, these two dishes, along with soups and pastries, are made to perfection.

Stop 4: Mountain Homeplace

The Mountain Homeplace is a living history museum located within Paintsville Lake State Park, in Staffordsville, Kentucky. The museum is a re-creation of a mid-nineteenth-century farming community and includes a blacksmith shop, one-room schoolhouse, church, cabin, and barn with farm grounds. These structures were all moved from nearby locations in the early 1980s to prevent them from being submerged underneath the planned Paintsville Lake.
Tour guides and park workers wearing traditional period attire demonstrate old skills and crafts such as forging horseshoes, quilting, and tending to farm animals. There is also a Welcome Center, consisting of the Museum of Appalachian History and a gift shop featuring regional arts and crafts.

Stop 5: NADA Tunnel & The Route 715 loop

Formerly a railway tunnel, the presently paved tunnel has often been described as the “Gateway to Red River Gorge” for the shortcut it provides motorists to the Red River Gorge canyons of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Built for the Dana Lumber Company between 1910 and 1911 the Nada Tunnel (pronounced nay-duh by locals) was named from Nada, Kentucky, then a logging town about 10 miles past the tunnel’s entrance. This 12 by 12 foot tunnel will be our exit from Route 715 the Red River Gorge byway. This will be a scenic drive through the forest and we will need to stay alert as the road is commonly used by hikers and bicyclists.

Stop 6: The Kentucky Dragway

NHRA 1/4 mile track. Line up and run a 1/4. Vehicles who run under 14 seconds will be required to wear a helmet.

The BOONE Tavern Hotel

Opened in 1909, Boone Tavern began humbly with 25 guestrooms in a measure to accommodate the many visitors of Berea College President William G. Frost and his wife Nellie.

Now, the guest room tally is at 63, and an $11 million renovation has upgraded many elements of the property, laying the foundation for another successful century. Our award-winning Berea, Kentucky hotel is a member of the Historic Hotels of America and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We promise to uphold the ideals and standards that earned us this recognition, as well as the green practices that earned us the distinction as a LEED Gold Certified Green Hotel.

Boone Tavern is owned by Berea College; its students make up about 50% of our staff. Part of Berea College’s requirements is that students are required to work at least ten hours per week at any one of the 140+ college departments and work areas across campus. Boone Tavern is one of these establishments. Students earn money for books, room, and board at the College – but pay no tuition – thanks to the generosity of donors who support Berea College’s mission of providing a high-quality education for students primarily from Appalachia who have high academic potential and limited financial resources.

Menu is: TBD

Day 3

 The day begins with a hot breakfast at Boone Tavern Hotel at 7:00 AM 

Group 1 will depart at 8:30 AM and group 2 will depart at 8:45 AM

Stop 1 – Wilderness Trail Distillery

By Co-Founders Shane Baker and Pat Heist: In the late ‘90s, we were in a rock band together and quickly realized we needed to chase another dream. In 2006, our journey began with a passion for creating the finest whiskeys in the world. We are fortunate to be nestled in the rolling hills of Historically Bold Danville, Kentucky, the birthplace of Kentucky, and also being exposed to the Kentucky Bourbon industry for generations while growing up.  Shane’s family has been distilling in Kentucky since the 1940s when his grandmother, Doris Ballard, met his grandfather, Hubert Ballard, at the Kentucky River Distillery when they were 14 and 16 years old. Doris Ballard went on to retire from Stitzel-Weller after a more than 50 year career in the industry. We are taking a 30 minute tour which includes a tasting and souvenir shot glass. Tours group discounted to $16 per person.


Stop 2 – Lincoln Homestead State Park

This State Park features the original home of Lincoln’s mother, as well as replicas of the 1782 cabin and blacksmith shop where his father was reared and learned his trade. You’ll also find the home of Mordecai Lincoln, the favorite uncle of the President, along with split-rail fences and pioneer furniture that portray the rugged pioneer life. Admission: $5.00 for adults


Stop 3 – Barton 1792 Distillery

Barton 1792 Distillery was established in 1879 and continues today as the oldest fully-operating Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. Situated in heart of bourbon country on 196 acres, the Distillery boasts 29 barrel aging warehouses, 22 other buildings including an impressive still house, and the legendary Tom Moore Spring. Named in honor of the year Kentucky joined the United States.


Stop 4 – Kentucky Stonehenge

It is the creation of Munfordville native, Chester Fryer. After scouring over 1000 acres of nearby Hatcher Valley Chester, relocated nearly every large rock he could find in order to create his masterpiece. All of Chester’s rock creations are on display on the grounds of his Munfordville estate. In addition to displays resembling the world famous Stonehenge, the estate is divided into several other rock displays including: Earth Mysteries, The Garden of Gethsemane, Rock Gardens, and Rock Park.


Stop 5 – NCM Motorsports Park

Touring laps at this 3.2-mile road course at above highway speeds offer more than your normal track day experience. Track designer Steve Crawford (Thunder Hill, Ridge Motorsports Park) was hired to design the road course with input from Corvette Racing, resulting in a multiple, reconfigurable, track layout with features from Le Mans, making the NCM Motorsports Park the track that every motorsports enthusiast would want to drive. This 20 million dollar track opened in 2013 and has been trilling enthusiasts ever since.


Stop 6 – Dinner – Montana Grille

 Is the location for our final evening meal. This is your basic steakhouse however the Bowling Green establishment is ranked fourth out of 183 restaurants in the city and is walking distance from our hotel.


Final Hotel – Hilton Garden Inn Bowling Green

The Hilton Garden Inn Bowling Green is a brand new, 100% smoke free hotel with all the comforts of home including an in-room refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave. It provides complimentary internet, Garden Sleep System beds, 32 inch HDTVs, and ergonomic MIRRA chairs by Herman Miller. Our on-site fitness center and pool provide the recreation outlets that all travelers need.

Registration Info

Price includes: 4 Nights and 3 Days with paid overnights at some of the nicest properties in the Appalachian Mountains as well as dinner each evening and a hot breakfast in the morning.

Also includes track time at unique tracks to include Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, a Dragstrip and Laps on NCM

$2290.00 for Two person team and 1 car