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RNA Drives

The greatest “Road Trips” in North America. This is what Rally North America delivers. You connected to your vehicle and immersed in some of the most scenic and technically challenging roads North America has to offer.

Rally North America believes the destination is only a part of any journey. The route when properly chosen can be more rewarding, educational, and satisfying for those that take the time to choose their route wisely. We scour the country for you and deliver some of the most rewarding road trips our continent has to offer. Drives routes are chosen because they deliver history, scenic beauty, and a driving experience that will prove to be second to none.

These drives days combined with track time on some of the nation’s more challenging racing facilities and drag strips combine to make a Rally North America Drives event a trip that any auto enthusiast will talk about for years to come.

Drives 10

May 5, 2024 - May 8, 2024


Drives Team of Two (Suite Pacakge): $2975.00
Drives Team of Two: $2825.00
Drives Solo Team: $2525.00
Now includes all entry fees – (*minus lunch)


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Arrival Day: May 5th in Hawks Nest State Park, Anstead WV

Hawks Nest Lodge,

Hawks Nest State Park is a 270-acre recreational area with a nature museum, aerial tramway, and hiking trails. Its 31-room lodge offers luxurious rooms and dining. Located just 10 miles north of the New River Gorge Bridge, Hawks Nest is known for its scenic overlook, which provides a bird’s eye view of the rugged New River Gorge National Park and Preserve below. This location offers stunning panoramic views of the New River Gorge and features Scenic overlooks, an outdoor swimming pool, and a Nature Center.

Our group will be having it’s reception dinner and breakfast there in the morning.

Day 1: Anstead, West Virginia, to Marietta, Ohio

Stop 1: New River Gorge Bridge Walk

Experience West Virginia’s most prominent landmark in a way few people ever do! 3,030 feet long and 876 feet above the New River, this icon is the longest single-span bridge in the Western Hemisphere and the third-highest in the United States. Underneath the four lanes of highway 19 and among the rust-red girders and beams is a lesser-known feature of the bridge: a two-foot-wide, grated-steel catwalk that runs the entire length of the bridge. And you can walk it!

This stop is optional, but you’ll need to watch if you don’t want to go!

Stop 2: Kirkwood Winery & Isaiah Morgan Distiller

Kirkwood Winery has a rich history as the first winery in Nicholas County, located in the heart of the West Virginia Mountains. If wine isn’t your cup of tea never fear, Isaiah Morgan Distillery is home to West Virginia’s finest brandy, bourbon, whiskey, and moonshine.

Stops 3 & 4: One Town, Two Monsters

The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum and the Flatwoods Monster Museum. The Flatwoods Monster Museum has been featured in such programs as Small Town Monster’s The Flatwoods Monster: a Legacy of Fear, America’s Got Aliens (Hong Kong), Nerdist’s Bizarre States, and the Unseen World.

Lunch Stop: Mamma's Brick Oven Pie and Pasta

Mamma’s Brick Oven Pie and Pasta in Glenville, WV is a culinary gem that never fails to delight diners with its exquisite Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s brick oven-baked pizzas are a revelation, boasting perfectly crispy yet tender crusts and an array of delectable toppings that cater to every palate. Their pasta dishes are equally outstanding, with fresh, homemade sauces that are a testament to their commitment to quality. The warm and inviting ambiance, coupled with friendly service, creates a dining experience that keeps patrons coming back for more. Mamma’s is a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of Italy in the heart of West Virginia.

Stop 5: The Castle Historic House Museum

(If time allows) The Castle was the site of grand business, community, and family functions throughout its history. Only five families have lived on the property between 1808 and 1974. These residents included lawyers, bankers, land and oil speculators, and a President Pro Temp of the Ohio Senate.

Upon the death of its last resident, Jessie (Davis) Lindsay, the property was purchased at auction by Bertlyn and Stewart Bosley in 1974. The brother and sister spent the next seventeen years renovating and restoring the house, but never resided at The Castle. Upon their deaths, the entire property was then donated to the Betsey Mills Corporation, who completed the final repairs.

Final Stop: The Lafayette Hotel

The Lafayette Hotel – he Lafayette Hotel draws its name from the visit in 1825 of the Marquis de Lafayette, French hero of the American Revolution. A plaque near the Hotel marks the spot where Lafayette came ashore in Marietta and today the locals boast that the first tourist to visit Marietta was Marquis de Lafayette.

The Bellevue Hotel was built in 1892 where The Lafayette Hotel stands today. It was 4 stories tall, had 55 steam heated rooms, a bar, a call bell system in every room and advertised hot and cold baths. The rate at the time was $2-$3 per night! The Bellevue was destroyed by fire on April 26, 1916 and pictures of the fire are on display by the Lafayette’s Gunroom Restaurant. After the fire, the hotel was rebuilt by a Marietta businessmen, opened on July 1, 1918 and renamed as the Lafayette Hotel. Yes it’s reported to be haunted so maybe keep your camera’s rolling that evening.

Day 2: Marietta Ohio to Loudonville Ohio


We’ll be eating breakfast at the Lafayette Hotel

Stop 1: The Triple Nickel

First thing in the morning we head north on Ohio’s Triple Nickel.

Known as a destination roads by motorcyclists across the country we take this route north for 50 of it’s 62 miles. Make sure you have things secured in your vehicle as it provides some long sweeping turns, rolling hills, and some technical sections with twisties that demand your attention.

Stop 2: Historic Roscoe Village

Roscoe Village sets the scene as the restored 1830s port town reveals a glimpse into what it would be like to live a day in the life.  Complete with interpreters, a practicing blacksmith, digital kiosk, and even an activity center to try your hand at the many unique crafts of the time, our Living History Tours will whisk you away to yesteryear.  This location will also serve as our lunch stop for the day. There are two local eateries for you to choose from during our time in the village.

Lunch: Roscoe Village

Stop 3: The Ohio State Reformatory

The group will take a self guided tour through the prison where the film Shawshank Redemption was filmed.  We will explore the prison as a group at own pace. Learn about the history of the facility and the many unique Hollywood and paranormal connections through or digital audio guide provided to each member of the group. Sorry they do not allow any ghost hunting or ghost hunting equipment during the daytime.  Tour Duration: Approx. 1.5 hours

Hotel: Landoll's Mohican Castle

Our hotel and dinner location for the evening will be Landoll’s Mohican Castle. We will also have breakfast at this awesome location the following morning.

It started with a dream and a love of European castles. During a two-year tour in Europe, now retired Army Veteran, Jim Landoll vowed to himself that if he ever made enough money, in his life, he would build a castle in America. With only $5.00 in his pocket, he founded The Landoll Publishing Company in the early 1970’s. In 1996 business sales were $100 million and considered to be the second largest printer and publisher of children’s books in America. The company employed over 1,000 people. In 1997, The Landoll Publishing Company was sold and thus began the construction and realization of Landoll’s Mohican Castle. In late 1999, Marta convinced her husband to turn the castle into a hotel. With no floor plans or blueprints, Landoll’s Mohican Castle was created one room at a time. All the castle’s hardwood flooring, trim, cabinetry, and doors were milled from trees on the property. Even the stone, on the castle, came from stone piles on the property, cleared by the earliest settlers of the area. Landoll’s Mohican Castle opened to the public in 2002. Sitting on 30 acres, the castle sits at 1,200 feet, technically making it a mountain.

Day 3: Loudonville Ohio to Pittsburg PA

Stop 1: J.M. Smucker Co Store

We make our way to the Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental road for automobiles in the United States, dedicated in 1913. It winds its way over 3,000 miles between New York City and San Francisco. Today we will cover a section of the Lincoln Highway. It features plenty of great backdrops for automotive photo opportunities. Some are listed on our agenda and many are not. We will add a few as time allows.

The J.M. Smucker Co Store – time to stock up on Fruit spreads, peanut butter, Coffee and other products.

Stop 2: Shisler's Little Cheese House

John Shisler established the original Shisler’s Cheese House in 1958. His goal back then was to provide quality cheeses and gourmet foods to locals and travelers on the Lincoln Highway. Since we are traveling that road today we’ll stop in and see how they have been able to stay in business this long. They have over 75 cheeses to choose from.

Stop 3: Magnolia Dragway

Magnolia Dragway, located in central Ohio, is a storied drag racing facility with a rich history. Established in 1957, it has been a focal point for motorsport enthusiasts in the region for several decades. Over the years, the dragway has hosted a wide range of drag racing events, attracting both amateur and professional racers. Magnolia Dragway has seen significant upgrades and improvements to its infrastructure, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of both participants and spectators. Its events have drawn fans from all over, contributing to the vibrant drag racing community in Ohio and the broader Midwest. With its enduring legacy and commitment to the sport, Magnolia Dragway continues to be a cherished hub for drag racing enthusiasts.

Stop 4: Minerva's First Gas Station

1910 this town should provide multiple automotive photo opportunities

Lunch - Firehouse #122

Firehouse Grill is a fun & friendly casual dining restaurant where the entire family can enjoy a great meal together. If you’re hungry for steaks, ribs, wings, wraps, gourmet burgers or salads, we have it all and more! A place of local flavor, located in downtown Malvern just over the bridge.

Enjoy a craft beer on tap from Great Lakes, Bells, Jackie O’s, and many more. Our beer selection changes weekly and we sell growlers to go.

Race Day! Pittsburg International Race Complex

We have the 2.8 mile road course to ourselves for 2 hours and we intend to get the most out of vehicles at this venue. There will be paced as well as open sessions with limited passing zones on the agenda.

The Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIRC) is a premier motorsport facility located in Wampum, Pennsylvania. Known for its state-of-the-art track layouts, PIRC provides a thrilling experience for both professional and amateur racers. The complex offers multiple tracks, including the challenging “North Track” and the exhilarating “South Track,” suitable for a variety of motorsport events, from car racing to motorcycle competitions. With top-notch facilities, extensive paddock space, and a commitment to safety, PIRC is a beloved destination for motorsport enthusiasts, hosting a wide range of events and providing a dynamic hub for the racing community in the region.

Final Hotel - Pittsburgh Marriott North - Cranberry Township

Nothing special here. No ghosts and it’s not a castle. It’s just a clean, comfortable hotel with good ratings.

Drives 10

May 5, 2024 - May 8, 2024


Drives Team of Two (Suite Pacakge): $2975.00
Drives Team of Two: $2825.00
Drives Solo Team: $2525.00
Now includes all entry fees – (*minus lunch)


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