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The Ultimate Road Trip for The Car Enthusiast!

RNA Drives

The greatest “Road Trips” in North America. This is what Rally North America delivers. You connected to your vehicle and immersed in some of the most scenic and technically challenging roads North America has to offer.

Rally North America believes the destination is only a part of any journey. The route when properly chosen can be more rewarding, educational, and satisfying for those that take the time to choose their route wisely. We scour the country for you and deliver some of the most rewarding road trips our continent has to offer. Drives routes are chosen because they deliver history, scenic beauty, and a driving experience that will prove to be second to none.

These drives days combined with track time on some of the nation’s more challenging racing facilities and drag strips combine to make a Rally North America Drives event a trip that any auto enthusiast will talk about for years to come.

Drives 9

Sunday, September 24th through 
Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Drives Team of Two: $2549.00
Drives Solo Team: $2249.00
Now includes all entry fees
(*minus lunch)

Registration is Open!!!!

Registration is Open

Arrival Day: 
24 Sept 2023 - Sunday night on NCCAR! 

North Carolina Center for Automotive Research

We have secured NCCAR North Carolina Center for Automotive Research NCCAR for Sunday evening Track time is 4:30 PM till 6:00 PM
The agenda:
There will be a series of paced laps, followed by opening lapping for our advanced drivers, this will be followed by another set of paced laps and we finish the session with open lapping our intermediate drivers. Both open lapping sessions will have limited passing zones (Front stretch only). All passes require point by from the car ahead.

Hilton Garden Inn - Roanoke Rapids NC

Our Starting line Hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn Roanoke Rapids North Carolina. Teams should arrive no later than 3:30 PM, Sunday September 24th to check in with the hotel and empty their car prior to heading to the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research track (NCCAR).

After the track we will be heading to Logan’s Steakhouse for a juicy steak for our group Dinner. We should be at the Restaurant around 7:00 that evening.

Day 1: Roanoke Rapids NC to Kill Devil Hills NC
Monday, Sept 25th, 2023

Q. J. Stephenson's Occoneechee Trapper's Lodge

Our First stop is a photo opportunity at Q. J. Stephenson's Occoneechee Trapper's Lodge. In the 1950s, out of concern that younger generations were not properly learning traditional naturalist and trapping methods, Stephenson began an artistic endeavor that spanned 50 years of production and manifested itself in the Occoneechee Trapper's Lodge and his self-termed "Prehistoric Art."

Murfreeboro, North Carolina - The Rea Musuem

The Rea Museum- Built in 1790, the William Rea store is the oldest brink commercial structure in North Carolina. William Rea was a Boston merchant who traded extensively between Murfreesboro and New England. In later years, the building was the home of the Ferguson Implement Company which invented the first peanut picker. The museum features a Gatling Gun in a room containing woodwork salvaged from the Gatling Plantation in Maney’s Neck where the gun’s inventor, Richard Jordan Gatling, was born. There are also artifacts from Native American tribes that lived in this area, and a fascinating exhibit on the Conjure Doctor, Jim Jordan.

Murfreeboro, North Carolina - Agriculture and Transportation Museum

Agriculture and Transportation Museum - The agricultural section has two early peanut pickers, one built by the Ferguson Agriculture Implement Company in Murfreesboro. The museum also has an early carriage, which may be the one that brought General Lafayette to Murfreesboro during his visit on Feb. 26, 1825. The most popular exhibit in the museum is the replica of the Gatling Aeroplane, an invention of Henry Gatling. In 1873 Gatling finished his prototype, which was thought to have been 18 feet long with a 14 foot wingspan. James claimed to have completed multiple test flights over the period of several months, however the Gatling Aeroplane was only witnessed in flight once. During that trial, it is said that James launched the plane from a raised platform off his cotton gin, approximately 12 feet high, and flew for about 100 feet before rapidly descending into the ground. While James was only slightly injured, the Gatling Aeroplane was severely damaged.

Lunch Stop - Carrituck BBQ

Lunch stop for the day is Currituck BBQ Company for some Authentic North Carolina BBQ. The Father & Son dream turned into reality in 2006 when the duo opened the restaurant. Driven by great customer service, a friendly & comforting atmosphere, & homemade dishes for the whole family to enjoy. The most popular dishes include slow cooked hickory smoked pork bbq & brisket, homemade Mac n’ cheese, and the best sweet tea this side of the Mason Dixon! Homemade sauces add the perfect topping to any of the meat selections!

The Wright Brothers National Memorial

The Wright Brothers National Memorial - They Taught the World to Fly!
Wind, sand, and a dream of flight brought Wilbur and Orville Wright to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where, after four years of scientific experimentation, they achieved the first successful airplane flights on December 17, 1903. With courage and perseverance, these self-taught engineers relied on teamwork and application of the scientific process. What they achieved changed our world forever.

Bodie Island Light Station

Bodie Island Light Station - Tucked away between tall pine trees and freshwater marshland, the Bodie Island Light presents anything but a typical lighthouse setting. Though not as well-known as its neighbors, it remains an important part of local history and a favorite spot for visitors. Still every evening, amidst the water towers and blinking radio antennae of modern development, its powerful light beams out across the darkening waves, keeping silent watch over the treacherous waters known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

Day 1 Finish Line - Ramada Plaza - Nags Head

Our Hotel for the evening is the Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Nags Heads – Located on the Ocean front this property allows our teams to dig their toes in the sand of the Atlantic Ocean for the evening or to hang out on one of the several decks overlooking the Ocean and relax with a favorite beverage.

Day 1 Dinner - Miller's Seafood and Steakhouse

Dinner will be served at Miller's Seafood & Steak House. Since 1978, Miller’s Seafood & Steakhouse has been an Outer Banks dining tradition. They blend family values and warm hospitality with a strong commitment to servicing quality breakfast, dinner, and sushi in their Steakhouse & Seafood restaurant.

This location has some of the best fresh seafood the region has to offer!

We'll be back in the morning for Breakfast!! 

Day 2: Kill Devil Hills NC to Wrightsville Beach SC
Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

CSS Albemarle

Housed in a historic 1923 Atlantic Coast Line Train depot, the Port o’ Plymouth Standing in the front and center of the museum’s interpretation is Plymouth’s fascinating Civil War history, which includes the 1864 Battle of Plymouth and the Civil War’s most successful ironclad ship – the CSS Albemarle.

Tyron Palace

Tryon Palace, formerly called Governor's Palace, Newbern, was the official residence and administrative headquarters of the British governors of North Carolina from 1770 to 1775. Located in New Bern, North Carolina, the palace was often at the center of state occasions and hospitality. The residence was seized by patriot troops in 1775. Shortly after the state capital was relocated to Raleigh in 1792, the main building burned to the ground. A modern recreation faithful to the original architect's plans and some period appropriate support structures were erected on the site in the 1950s and opened to the public in 1959. The palace garden was also recreated, with 16 acres of plantings, representing three centuries of landscape and gardening heritage. Today, the palace is a state historic site

Lunch Stop - Salty Turtle

Salty Turtle Beer Company This will serve as a lunch stop and a brewery visit. While Daniel Callender and Dean Kelley are both former United States Marines, the pair didn’t actually meet during their time in the service. A fated neighborhood garage sale where Daniel was serving up his homebrew brought the two together. That was in 2016. Flash forward a few years, add North Carolina-native business partner Zack White, factor in many pints of Coastline Kölsch, and you’ve got what Salty Turtle Beer Company is today. Food trucks will be onsite so you can wait in line for lunch or grab a cold one and get inline when the line dies down.

Day 2 Finish - Shell Island Resort

We will be staying at the Shell Island Resort. Shell Island is the premier resort hotel at Wrightsville Beach, NC providing all oceanfront suites each overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With an indoor heated and outdoor pool, hot tub, beach volleyball, and miles of white sandy beaches.

Day 2 Dinner, TBD

Dinner at TBD

Day 3: Wrightsville Beach NC to Hartsville SC
Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

USS North Carolina

Welcome to Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, the most highly decorated American battleship of World War II.

USS NORTH CAROLINA participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific theater of operations, earning 15 battle stars. Today, this authentically restored Battleship preserves our proud Naval history and serves as her state’s World War II memorial to the 11,000+ North Carolinians who sacrificed their all for their country.

South Carolina Tobacco Museum

South Carolina Tobacco Museum - Located in the heart of downtown Mullins, SC in the historic train depot. Various exhibits include models of tobacco plants at each growth stage, a blacksmith shop, a log tobacco barn filled with cured tobacco, a farm kitchen filled with vintage equipment, and a photo gallery featuring current tobacco practices by Brant Barrett. The Mullins Room pays homage to our town’s birth and rapid expansion with the railroad and tobacco. The Reggie McDaniel Media Room features a 15-minute video featuring interviews with warehousemen and farmers recounting the days when tobacco was “king”.

Lunch Stop - Seminar Brewing and Restaurant

Seminar Brewing and Restaurant (lunch) - Florence, South Carolina’s first Commercial Brewery offering Beer, Wine, and an in-house Restaurant. Started by a group of University Professors and their friends as a weekly gathering of like-minded individuals to talk about various beers they collected and personally brewed, then growing into a staple in the South Carolina Craft Beer Scene

Darlington Raceway Hall of Winners

Darlington Raceway Hall of Winners - The Darlington Raceway Stock Car Museum offers an in-depth look at the roots of the sport, a stroll down memory lane, and items to pique the interest of new and seasoned fans. The rear of the building houses the National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) Hall of Fame. The area is filled with photos, memorabilia, and interactive exhibits showcasing the sport of NASCAR and the personalities who have inhabited it over the years like Alan Kulwicki, David Pearson, Junior Johnson, Lee and Richard Petty, and Neil Bonnett to name a few.

Day 3 Hotel - Hampton Inn and Suites - Hartsville SC

We are stopping at our hotel for evening Hampton Inn and Suites in Hartzville SC to drop off any loose items in your vehicle and we are off to Carolina Motorsports Park!

Carolina Motorsports Park

There will be a series of paced laps, followed by opening lapping for our advanced drivers, followed by another set of paced laps and we finish the session with open lapping our intermediate drivers. Both open lapping sessions will have limited passing zones between turn 14 and 1 and 7 and 8. All passes require point by from the car ahead.

Last night! Dinner at Wild Heart Brewing Company

Our “Last night Dinner” will be held at Wild Heart Brewing Company – A Rally North America favorite returns for the last night of Drives 9 – Good Food and brew on tap within a short walk of our hotel for the evening.

Drives 9 is an All-Inclusive event!

Sunday, September 24th through
Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Drives Team of Two: $2549.00
Drives Solo Team: $2249.00
Now includes all entry fees
(*minus lunch)
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