RentJDM Great Lakes Rally 2021 – Updated Rally Information

RentJDM Great Lakes Rally – Updated Rally Information!  Day 0 Itinerary and Track info.


Things we will need in order for your team to rally.  This can be submitted digitally.
The following items are required by our insurance company:
1. A valid Driver’s license for anyone who maybe driving during the rally on your team.
2. Proof of valid and current auto insurance for the car you are driving.
3. Valid registration in the state from which your vehicle is registered
4. The willingness to sign a waiver for the event organizers and race facilities. 

 Remember: Please remember this is not a race but a rally.  

RULES: RentJDM Great Lakes Rally 2021 – Organized by Rally North America

1. A ticket from a Law Enforcement Officer or video evidence of a team excessively speeding or driving in a reckless manner will get you DISQUALIFIED from any awards for the entire event.

A second issue with your team could result in elimination from the entire event.

2. We expect EVERYONE to be on their best behavior and represent our group and our charity in the best possible manner and to respect the drivers that they are sharing the public roads with.

3. None of our Checkpoints will be manned. You are be required to snap a date stamped picture of BOTH the driver and navigator for your team at each checkpoint. This is done in order to prove that you were indeed at the check point. If you miss a check point or you don’t follow the instructions on the route card you may forfeit the points for that stop or task. Tasks may require video evidence.

4. Please read your route card and literally do what it tells you to do in order to count points for each stop or task.  Please note Checkpoints are worth a lot of points but are optional. If you get lost, or had fun checking out additional self made check points we may not be at the finish line when you arrive.  Please pay attention to the Finish times and locations for the day.  You will need to be at that location before the time expires for your points to count. 

5. Daily point totals are self reported to our private Facebook group: Rally North America Veterans. IF you or your co-driver are not members of or this group let us know so we can add you or your preferred alter ego.

ANY JUDGEMENTS of the organizers are final and not to be argued. We will hear all sides prior to making a decision but we will make a decision which may or may not be in your favor .


We slot our top 35 fund raisers at the front of the field every day in order of the amount they have raised. If you are in the top 35 this requires your corporation in order to make this work smoothly. The top 35 teams should get to know each other and know which car they line up behind ASAP. We will need to you to arrive at the starting line each day at 7:30 AM (excluding day 2 when we are leaving from the parking lot of the Holiday Inn that day and yeah it’s a long story).  Jeff and Gail Rushing, who line up cars so well NASCAR is taking notes, will slot the field so please follow their instructions.

For the top 35, and all of our rally teams, We want to thank you for your outstanding work for the past two years!!

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE TOP 35 we DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU or your car near our starting line until 7:50 AM. Don’t do it. It will cause issues IF you show up early.


There will be daily awards for each leg. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Once you have placed you may not improve your spot with the additional days remaining. If you have placed, and receive a ticket, you will forfeit your place, so once you place, take it easy. 

Additional OVERALL Rally awards this include:

Spirit of the Rally Award
Best Costume Award
Hard Luck Award (the car Must be at the Finish line)
Long Distance Award (based on your total trip behind the wheel of your car including to and from the starting line)
Best Dressed (Decaled) car 

Day 0: Sunday July 18 2021 – Track and Drivers Meeting Information

Day One Schedule.
4:45 PM: We will all meet up at Rock Falls Raceway at 4:45 PM.
We will have the Track from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. 

Once our Drag racing session is completed (we will leave there no later than 7:00 PM) We will depart the track at 7:00 (please note you do not have to stay at the track if you wish not to)

Helmets (Snell 2010 or Snell 2015 or newer are required, Seat Belts & Long Pants are Required – No Shorts, Nylon Pants, or Tank Tops Allowed. All race vehicles must go through and pass Tech Inspection pursuant to the NHRA Rulebook.

 7:30 PM Drivers Meeting & Rally Auction. Location: 
Best Western PLUS – Eau Claire Conference Center
3340 Mondovi Rd,
Eau Claire, WI 54701



Gingerman Raceway We are scheduled to have paced and at full speed laps at this track. For those only running paced laps you need only to buckle your seat belt and follow the car in front of you allowing proper distance for braking should the car in front have an issue that requires them to stop.

Speed laps are very different.  We will have a separate set of rules to follow at this race track. Their requirements are as follows:   

Gingerman Rules


  1. Helmets (SA2015 min requirement) for all drivers and passengers during hot laps.  No helmets required for Paced laps.
  2. All loose items and driver’s floor mat must be removed from vehicle.
  3. Driver and passenger windows must be down.
  4. Paced laps – 2 groups maximum of 40 vehicles each. Each group will do 3-5 laps in a 15 minute session.  See schedule below.

 IF you team is doing hot laps be in Paced Lap Group 1 so you may attend a drivers meeting Prior to the hot lap session. This meeting attendance is required before partaking in a hot lap session. 

  1. Hot laps – NO trucks, SUV’s, vans permitted. There will be 3 run groups (advanced, & novice).  Advanced group will consist of drivers with 10+ track days.   Novice will consist of drivers with less than 10 track days. (Be Honest and don’t take it personally)
  • Hot Lap Passing Zones –
  • Advanced – Turn 10B – 11 (point by to the right) / Turn 11 – 2  (point by to the left).
  • Novice  – Turn 10B – 11 (point by to the right).

All passing must be completed before braking zones.

***** Demonstrate left, right, pit in hand signals.

  1. Flags – Review
  2. Schedule: 4:30 – 5:00 pm  Drivers meeting
    5:00 – 5:10 pm  Paced laps group 1
    5:10 – 5:20 pm  Paced laps group 2
    5:20 – 5:50 pm  Advanced
    5:50 – 6:20 pm  Novice **
    6:20 – 6:30 pm  Final Paced laps if necessary

Day 4 Itinerary 

Day four Itinerary: Please note this is not a points day.

We get to cruise as a group to different locations. Please arrive at these locations within the time frames and plan for your next stop when you arrive at the one prior this will tell you how much time you can spend at any one location.

USS Edson 1680 Martin St. Bay City Michigan 48706 (cost is $10 per person)

Abbreviated tour for our Group approximately 30 minutes if we keep our questions brief. Someone/Anyone in the group should remind the tour guide that the tour needs to be kept to roughly 30 minutes PRIOR to the BEGINNING of the tour.

The USS Edson brief History:
The USS Edson (DD-946) is a Forrest Sherman-class destroyer, formerly of the United States Navy, built by Bath Iron Works in Maine in 1958. Her home port was Long Beach, California and she initially served in the Western Pacific/Far East, operating particularly in the Taiwan Strait and off the coast of Vietnam. Her exceptionally meritorious service in 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin was recognized with the first of three Navy Unit Commendations. During the following years she was shelled by North Vietnamese land forces, and apparently received friendly fire from the US Air Force.

Following an onboard fire in 1974, Edson returned to the West Pacific and was later commended for her roles in the evacuation of Phnom Penh and Saigon.

She was decommissioned in 1988, but the following year became a museum ship at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York. Returning to Navy lay-up in 2004, it was agreed in 2012 that she should again become a museum ship, at Bay City, Michigan. A National Historic Landmark, she is one of only two surviving Forrest Sherman-class destroyers.


Castle Museum of Saginaw County History – 500 Federal Avenue Saginaw, MI 48607 (Cost is $1 per person)

The Castle Museum was designed by William Martin Aiken, the Supervising Architect of the US Treasury, and built in 1898 under a federal building program to reflect the ethnic and cultural heritage of its community. Aiken used the influence of the European chateau to illustrate the Saginaw Valley’s earliest white settlers-French fur traders and trappers, and combine it with decorations from the Italian Renaissance and Gothic periods.

This impressive building called by some “the most attractive building in Michigan” houses too many exhibits for me to list in this post. I would suggest you check out the website below to see exactly what is housed there. At $1 it is easily one of the best values in Rally North America history.

Castle Museum Website


All Rally Teams:  11:00 AM – 1:00PM  Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Private Collection

Rally North America has (through the help of Stephen Cox) arranged for a private tour of this amazing car collection. Number between 40 and 50 cars (Some are for sale)

Born the son of a General Motors executive, Ken grew up with a lust and appreciation for stylish, high-performance automobiles. Finding success in the real estate settlement industry, Ken bought his first Corvette in 1977. Additional cars were acquired, as his passion for performance cars grew. Having sold his company, he has dedicated himself to assembling a collection of significant muscle cars, Corvettes, and exotic European cars from around the world.

In 2008, his passion for speed and excellence led him to purchase the assets of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, a company founded by his distant cousin John Lingenfelter. Many of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering products have been instrumental in establishing performance thresholds. The talented team at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, as well as The Lingenfelter Collection, will continue to enhance the passion and create excitement among hot-rodders, racers and exotic car enthusiasts that reach far beyond their imagination.…/collection/

All Rally Teams 2:30PM – 3:30PM Cars will que up in groups of 30ish to drive through

Holland Michigan – Windmill Island Gardens

A palette of color awaits you as you wind along the entrance to Holland’s treasured island. Tour up into DeZwaan, the only authentic Dutch windmill operating in the United States, grinding locally-grown wheat into flour, which you can purchase in the gift shop. DeZwaan sports a new deck and a restored grinding system. Take a guided tour of the mill with authentically-costumed guides; you might even meet the Dutch-certified miller and see the milling process in action. From the fourth-floor deck, you can survey 36 acres of manicured gardens, dikes, and canals.

Throughout Windmill Island Gardens, you’ll also find more costumed guides, an Amsterdam street organ, a hand-painted Dutch carousel, children’s playground, picnic areas, all the flags of the Netherlands, horses in the back pasture, a replica of a Dutch Inn, gift shops, and much more.

Windmill Island Gardens now has a Sky Cam! Get a live look at the windmill, canal and bridge, and the surrounding area.