We slot our top 35 fund raisers at the front of the field every day in order of the amount they have raised. If you are in the top 35 this requires your corporation in order to make this work smoothly. The top 35 teams should get to know each other and know which car they line up behind ASAP. We will need to arrive at the starting line each day at 7:30 AM (excluding day 2 when we are leaving from the parking lot of the Holiday Inn that day and yeah it’s a long story).  Jeff and Gail Rushing, who line up cars so well NASCAR is taking notes, will slot the field so please follow their instructions.

For the top 35, and all of our rally teams, We want to thank you for your outstanding work for the past two years!!

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE TOP 35 we DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU or your car near our starting line until 7:50 AM. Don’t do it. It will cause issues IF you show up early.

Day 1 Starting Line

Day 2 Starting Line

Day 3 Starting Line

Day 4 Starting Line