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RNA Drives

The greatest “Road Trips” in North America. This is what Rally North America delivers. You connected to your vehicle and immersed in some of the most scenic and technically challenging roads North America has to offer.

Rally North America believes the destination is only a part of any journey. The route when properly chosen can be more rewarding, educational, and satisfying for those that take the time to choose their route wisely. We scour the country for you and deliver some of the most rewarding road trips our continent has to offer. Drives routes are chosen because they deliver history, scenic beauty, and a driving experience that will prove to be second to none.

These drives days combined with track time on some of the nation’s more challenging racing facilities and drag strips combine to make a Rally North America Drives event a trip that any auto enthusiast will talk about for years to come.

Drives 8

May 7th through May 10th 2023

Cost: (all inclusive minus lunch)

Drives Team of Two: $2549.00
Drives Solo Team: $2249.00

Registration Opens December 1st 2022 at Noon Eastern Time for Rally and Drives veterans.

Public Registration opens December 15th 2022 at Noon Eastern Time

Arrival Day: 
7 May 2023 - Sunday night at the track! 

Palmer Motorsports Park

Sunday evening our event kick off with Laps on Palmer Motor sports Park.
The track opened in 2015 and is built near to the towns of Palmer and Ware. The circuit sits atop Whiskey Hill amid lush forest scenery. The course itself is referred to as Whiskey Hill Raceway. Built within 658 acres of a former logging property, the circuit swoops and falls around the contours of the land to create a true driver's circuit. While boasting modern safety facilities, the track still has an 'old school' feel about it and is a popular venue for New England road racers, who have had a dearth of suitable facilities for many years.

Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

Our accommodations for the evening is the Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center - When construction on the Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center began in 2000, the aim was to preserve and restore the architectural heritage of the American Optical Company, an eyeglass and optics manufacturer and innovator that called Southbridge, MA, home for 160 years. The result – which seamlessly blended historic touches like a brick façade, grand spiraling staircase and hand-carved marble fireplace with light-infusing floor-to-ceiling windows – was a one-of-a-kind combination of contemporary aesthetic and traditional New England charm.

Day 1: Southbridge Mass to Saratoga Springs NY
Monday, May 8th, 2023

Harvard Forest Fisher Musuem 

23 internationally acclaimed models (dioramas), the first seven of which depict 230 years of landscape change in central New England, beginning with European colonization in 1700. The remaining dioramas portray 20th-century forest management techniques and a series of conservation challenges including erosion and fire.

Poets Seat Tower

The 1912 sandstone observation tower was so named to honor a long tradition of poets being drawn to the spot, in particular, the local poet Frederick Goddard Tuckerman. By 1850, the location was referred to as "Poet's Seat" by Tuckerman in a surviving herbarium entry for November 10 of that year

Bridge of Flowers

In 1929, a local housewife Antoinette Burnham came up with the idea of transforming the bridge into a garden. Since it was not needed as a footbridge and could not be demolished because it carried a water main between two towns, the community agreed to her idea. The Shelburne Woman's Club sponsored the project in 1928.

Hail to the Sunrise

A striking statue of a Native American man dressed in traditional clothing. Facing east, he gazes upward, his arms outstretched as if to embrace the rising sun and greet the Great Spirit. A reflecting pool sits nearby, constructed from 100 stones inscribed by various tribes and councils.

The monument was erected to commemorate the five Mohawk Nations that lived within western Massachusetts and nearby New York. The Mohawks who traveled along the old trade route were friendly to the white settlers.

Hoosac Tunnel, East Portal

The tunnel is reported to be haunted and definitely historic – there is far too much to read on this location. We would suggest you visit the website prior to your visit. https://hoosactunnel.net/

The Golden Elk Monument

The Elk on the Trail Monument, designed by Eli Harvey, was erected on Whitcomb Summit by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks in 1923. The statue stands in memory of those who lost their lives in World War I.

Saratoga Automobile Musuem

The Saratoga Automobile Museum officially opened to the public in June 2002. The Museum’s mission is to preserve, interpret and exhibit automobiles and automotive artifacts. In addition to technical and design aspects, our educational focus is on the past, present and future social and economic impacts of the automobile.
The Museum is located within the 2,500-acre Saratoga Spa State Park, in the heart of historic Saratoga Springs, New York, world famous for its legendary one-mile thoroughbred track. The Museum’s facility is the fully restored and renovated New York State Bottling Plant, a beautiful neoclassical structure completed in 1935.

Day 1 Finish - The Inn at Saratoga

The Inn at Saratoga is Saratoga Springs’ oldest known lodging house. It was built in 1843 by a carpenter from New Hampshire and there are records confirming it operated as a boarding house beginning in 1847. The hotel has gone through decades of rich history and change in its nearly 180 years of existence. In the early days the Inn at Saratoga operated as a boarding house for patients being treated for chronic illnesses, in 1862 it was a celebrated “high class” hotel for Cuban Vacationers, and in the 1920’s its proprietor Rabbi Brenner operated the house as a Jewish hotel. It has been known as The Everett House, Hotel Brenner and Coachman Motor Inn.

Day 2: Saratoga Springs NY to Middlebury VT
Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

Conklingville Dam 

Stop one A drive over The Conklingville Dam - The project was projected to be completed in 1929, but various setbacks, including a flood that year, delayed completion until March 27, 1930. The cost of the dam was $12 million.
Residents of the valley were bitterly opposed to the dam. In addition to lawsuits there is a story that a group of witches put a curse on the dam to get it to fail. More prosaically, the Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad instituted a protracted lawsuit over the flooding of its tracks and finally won a judgement of $1.6 million.

Choose your Musuem: 
Fort Ticonderoga 

The site controlled a river portage alongside the mouth of the rapids-infested La Chute River, in the 3.5 miles (5.6 km) between Lake Champlain and Lake George. It was thus strategically placed for the competition over trade routes between the British-controlled Hudson River Valley and the French-controlled Saint Lawrence River Valley.
The name "Ticonderoga" comes from the Iroquois word tekontaró:ken, meaning "it is at the junction of two waterways". May 10, 1775, in the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga by the Green Mountain Boys and other state militia under the command of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, who captured it in the surprise attack. Cannons taken from the fort were transported to Boston to lift its siege by the British, who evacuated the city in March 1776. A foundation, the Fort Ticonderoga Association, now operates the fort as a tourist attraction, museum, and research center.

Choose your Musuem: 
Star Trek: Original Series Set Tour

When the STAR TREK television series was canceled in 1969, the original sets were dismantled and largely destroyed, only a few small items of the actual sets remain today, and those that have survived are in private collections. Trek superfan James Cawley began the process of rebuilding the sets just as they would have been seen 50 years ago when the series was being filmed, a 14 year journey has culminated in the most accurate rebuild of the original sets, and is now open and welcoming STAR TREK fans from all over the world!

Crown Point State Historic Site

Crown Point State Historic Site -Crown Point is the location of the 1734–1759 French-built Fort St. Frédéric limestone fortress and an even more ambitious British fort constructed during the French and Indian War, starting in 1759, Fort Crown Point. During the American Revolutionary War, the fort was captured by Seth Warner and his Green Mountain Boys militia on May 12, 1775 but was re-taken by the British invasion under General John Burgoyne early in the summer of 1777.

Day 2 Finish - Middlebury Inn

We will be spending the evening at the Middlebury Inn- The Middlebury Inn has welcomed guests to its central Vermont shire town for nearly two centuries, establishing a tradition of hospitality and comfort rarely matched elsewhere in New England. Nevertheless, the true appeal of the Middlebury Inn is its heritage. This charming historic hotel first opened when a local businessmen named Nathan Wood constructed the gorgeous Federal-style brick structure as a “public house” in 1827. Known as the “Vermont Hotel,”. It quickly became the main social gathering spot throughout Middlebury, especially as more merchants and other travelers passed through the town along the adjacent thoroughfare. A member of Historic Hotels of America since 1991, The Middlebury Inn continues to be one of the best places to stay in the whole region.

Day 2 Dinner, Morgan's Tavern

Dinner at Morgan’s Tavern located in the Middlebury Inn From the owners: we acquire the freshest ingredients from Vermont producers and purveyors through the Vermont Fresh Network Partnership every day. Our philosophy is that fresh is always best. All of our food is cooked with the guest’s satisfaction in mind, to create a truly memorable and satisfying dining experience.

Day 3: Middlebury VT to Great Barrington MA
Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

Pulp Mill Covered Bridge

The exact age of the bridge is in question. A sign on the bridge states it was built between 1808 and 1820. It is one of only seven double-barreled (two lane) covered bridges in the country, one of only two in the State of Vermont and the only still carrying regular traffic. It is also the oldest covered bridge in Vermont, and one of the oldest in the country

The Sanderson Covered Bridge

The Sanderson Covered Brisge is a historic covered bridge, which carries Pearl Street over Otter Creek in Brandon, Vermont. Built in about 1840, it is one of Vermont's oldest covered bridges. It is the only remaining 19th century bridge in Brandon.

The Depot Covered Bridge

The Depot Covered Bridge is a historic Town lattice truss bridge, carrying Depot Hill Road over Otter Creek in Pittsford, Vermont. The bridge was built about 1840, and is one of Vermont's older covered bridges. It underwent restoration in the 1980s, and was subsequently reinforced with steel stringers. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974

New England Maple Musuem

A tour through the history of maple sugaring from Native American times to present day. The exhibit features artifacts, displays, hands-on discovery and a short video about Vermont's history of maple sugaring. Afterwards, sample maple syrup and shop in our Vermont specialty food and local artisan gift shop

The Wilson Castle 

This architectural masterpiece was built in the middle of the 19th Century in the heart of the Green Mountains. The Castle stands as a monument to the heritage of the past.
The Castle has been the home of five generations of the Wilson family. Its design is a blend of European styles. Part of the estate is presently in the Wilson Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, to preserve its longevity. The façade of the Castle is set with English brick and marble and is dominated by nineteen open proscenium arches and shadowed by a towering turret, parapet, and balcony.
The residence of the 115-acre estate has three floors spaciously divided into 32 rooms. The interior features are highlighted with 84 stained-glass windows and 13 fireplaces finished with imported tiles and bronze. The Castle’s furnishings include Far Eastern and European antiques and museum pieces, complemented by statuary, Chinese scrolls, and Oriental rugs.
Paranormal History – (from the current owners) There is too much to detail and regale here, but when going on your tour you can ask for our paranormal stories. We believe there is both a portal, and a vortex in this Castle, which means many spirits can come and go as they please. This makes it a huge hotspot for paranormal activity, and investigators always leave with incredible experiences and evidence. There has been one confirmed death on the premises, but multiple mysterious disappearances as well, with rumors of their bodies buried on the property

Lunch: Madison Brewing Co. 

Madison Brewing Company - lunch stop for the day - The Madison’s have deep ties to the community, and in the early 1990s converted an old storefront in Bennington’s historic downtown into the area’s first brew pub

Bennington Battle Monument

Bennington Battle Monument - is a 306-foot-high (93 m)[1] stone obelisk located at 15 Monument Circle, in Bennington, Vermont, United States. The monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolutionary War.
In that battle, on 16 August 1777, Brigadier General John Stark and 1,400 New Hampshire men, aided by Colonels Warner and Herrick of Vermont, Simonds of Massachusetts, and Moses Nichols of New Hampshire, defeated two detachments of General John Burgoyne's British army, who were seeking to capture a store of weapons and food maintained where the monument now stands.
From its observatory level at 200 feet, which can be reached by elevator one can see Vermont along with the other U.S. states of Massachusetts and New York. A kettle captured from General Burgoyne's camp at Saratoga is visible in the monument along with a diorama of the second engagement, and information on how the monument was built. Statues of John Stark ("Live free or die"), Seth Warner, and other notables ornament the grounds.

Lime Rock Park

Lime Rock Park is a natural-terrain motorsport road racing venue located in Lakeville, Connecticut, United States, a hamlet in the town of Salisbury, in the state's northwest corner. Built in 1956, it is the nation's third oldest continuously operating road racing venue, behind Road America (1955) and Willow Springs International Motorsports Park (1953). The track is owned by Skip Barber, a former race car driver who started the Skip Barber Racing School in 1975. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009

Last night! Dinner at Barrington Brewery and Restaurant

Since 1995 Barrington Brewery has been serving our own Barn Brewed Beer and food made from scratch. We were the first brewery on the east coast to install a solar panel system that supplies solar-heated hot water for brewing and restaurant use. Our kitchen features scratch made desserts and locally sourced ingredients.
They offer grass fed burgers & local sausages by the Alpine Pork Store in Catskill, NY and Nodine's Smokehouse in Goshen, CT. Our beer flavors many of our made from scratch dishes, including our Cheddar Ale Soup, chilis, barbecue sauce, salad dressings and famous Chocolate Stout Cake.

Drives 7 is an All-Inclusive event!

Your fee for this ultimate driving adventure includes all hotel rooms, track rentals, breakfast and dinner, and entrance fees to any attraction.  You are responsible for your gas, lunch, and adult beverages each day.

All-Inclusive Event Price - $2,390

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