Team CWG

Jeep Girls who run trails - on 37s or size 9s…. Kristie and Kim both enjoy hitting the trails in their blue Jeeps (Atropia and Liberty) or in their running shoes!!! Kristie retired from the Army in 2021 after serving 25 years and now works in Law Enforcement. Kim spent many years and deployments managing the family and home front in support of her Veteran husband and now works in retail. The third teammate is Atropia, a 2020 Jeep Wrangler who loves to tackle obstacles or cruise the highway with the top back. This rookie team is excited to see the sights, take on challenges and enjoy the heck out of the third week of June!!!!
Team Number:
Car Year:
*MsAtropia* 2020
Car Model:
Car Make:
Wrangler JLUR

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