Team Northwest Gearhead

I joined the RNA family back in 2016 and do my best to attend every other year. With fast cars and fundraising at its core, RNA sucked me in and am glad to have shared it with so many amazing people. Historically I've run with good friends as co-drivers and navigators, but for 2022 we're changing things up. THIS FAMILY OF 4 IS HITTING THE ROAD!!! With my wife Rachel and two boys Jensen[8] and Lincoln[4], we're going to see I've we have what it takes to survive a week on the road. Let's see if we can bring home another trophy in 2022... and if nothing else, enjoy the road and learn something on the way. Thank you for your support of RNA and its amazing Charities like Hope For The Warriors!! Christopher Davis Team Northwest Gearhead 2016 Big Sky Rally 2018 US50 West Rally 2020 Covid 1000 Rally
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Rally Veteran: 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022

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