Team Rental

Team Rental Returns! Nick and Jonathan are reviving Team Rental to participate once again in Rally North America! Our first rally, the Dixie Rally, in 2012 saw us arrive at the start in a last minute rental car. We had decals created with the name at the last minute, and ran with the name as a joke. Little did we know that we would embolden and embrace the name for years to come. With great success on the rally, we've forged countless friendship that continue to this day.

We are excited to be supporting the Concerns of Police Survivors, a program that assists families of loved ones lost in the line of duty. With all of the success of Rally North America, we hope to leave a huge impact on this organization.
Team Number:
Car Year:
 Don't Know
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 We'll Find Out
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 Can't Wait!

Rally Veteran: 2012, 2013, 2013 OV, 2014, 2014 OV, 2015, 2015 OV, 2016, 2016 OV, 2017, 2018, 2019

Rally Awards: Long Distance, Best Costume